The Many Benefits of Sending Flowers

Many of us are social distancing, meaning we aren’t spending time with friends and family we don’t live with. Whether you’re missing your grandparents or you want to show your friends that you care, sending flowers has many benefits. Read on to learn the benefits of sending flowers.

Succulent Floral Arrangement in Brooklyn

Did you know that flowers can help relieve anxiety? People can feel less stressed and more compassionate when they are in the presence of flowers, according to a Harvard study. Times are stressful right now, so a bouquet of flowers can help a loved one feel more relaxed.

Do you have a friend or family member who is working from home right now? They may have expressed to you that they are struggling to stay focused while they work. Flowers can actually help people focus. Harvard performed an eight-month study that showed workers in the presence of flowers had improved problem-solving skills and creative performance.

Flowers can boost a person’s mood. If your loved ones are social distancing and they miss you, a bouquet of flowers can help them feel a little better. Rutgers performed a ten-month behavioral study that showed flowers had an immediate impact on happiness and helped to improve people’s mood long term. Upon receiving flowers, people felt less anxious, irritated, and depressed.

Finally, purchasing flowers during this time can help support local businesses. Now more than ever, local businesses need support. By shopping with local florists, you can help your community’s economy.

If you want to purchase flowers for yourself or a loved one, shop with Dragonetti Florist & Garden Center. You can place an online order on our website or call us at 718-241-3172. We look forward to making your loved one’s day with some flowers!

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