How to Make a Terrarium

If you love indoor plants, but you want to spice up your home, you can get creative with a terrarium. A terrarium is a glass indoor plant display. Read on to learn how you can create your very own terrarium.

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First, you will need a handful of supplies. These supplies include a clear glass jar, bowl, vase, or whatever else you may have on hand. You will also need rocks, pebbles, or recycled pieces of glass. Additional supplies include activated charcoal/activated carbon, potting soil, moss (optional), decorative items like sticks or figurines (optional), small plants, a device to scoop, scissors, and gloves.

Once you’ve collected your supplies, you’re ready to assemble your terrarium. Prepare your containers by removing any stickers or glue and washing the glass. Once your glass is clean, you can start adding the layers. The drainage layer is the first layer. This layer prevents water from collecting in the soil and flooding your plant. Use the pebbles, rocks, or glass you set aside. The activated charcoal is the next ingredient. Add just enough to cover your drainage layer, and then pile on the soil. Be sure the soil you select is compatible with your plant. After you’ve put the proper soil into the glass, you can add your plant. Dig a well in the soil and place your plant’s roots inside the well. Then, touch up the sides for a clean finish. Once your plant is placed in the soil, you can clean up the scene and water your plant. Then, you’re all done!

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