Check Out These Tips for Success in Herb Gardening

Herbs are important although they register their importance in subtle ways: health improvement by nature, silent reshaping of our gardens outlook and/or better tastiness of our meals. This means herbs are crucial and we know you need tips on how to have your herb gardeningherb gardening.

Choose Lush Soil

Before planting herbs, there are different choices to be made and one of the first choices is the choice of a soil type. Go for rich and lush because they have most of the nutrients your herb needs to grow (the few nutrients they lack, our third tip will make up for); they are deep and soft too and this helps your herbs easily tap the required nutrients.

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Seedlings over Seeds

The next logical choice after choosing a soil type for your herb gardening idea/plan is what to grow. Do you go with seeds (just seeds) or do you go with seedlings (young plants)?
The practical approach to answering this question is realizing that young plants have already moved from the seed germination phase into an actual plant which means that you will get harvest quicker than waiting for seeds in the soil to go through its latent phase before developing into a plant.

Fertilizers Matter

The nutrients a lush soil misses will be made up for by fertilizers. So, yes, fertilizers matter because they give your herb plants the immune system to fight against diseases and pests that come to stunt their growth.

Herbs Love Excellent Irrigation

Water is important to life itself. Without water, living things die and this is one of the reasons why herbs love excellent irrigation. Additionally, water makes them look good and stay nourished for full and well-rounded growth; you certainly do not want limp herbs at harvest.
Your herbs should be watered at least once a day to preserve their richness or they lose this richness over time.

Careful Harvest Matters Too

Your herb made it to harvest time but careful now because vigilance is super-important here. How do you express vigilance at harvest?

  • Harvest them before the sun sets in the sky and steals away their nutrients;
  • Do not cut the big herb leaves which act as canopies for subsequent reproduction;
  • Post-harvesting them, make sure you store them in a garland and keep them in airtight containers.

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