Caring for Your Indoor Plants

Indoor plants deserve our care too. They require maintenance which we must give to them or they wither and die. However, the right amount of care is super-important, and giving them just water will not work. Let’s take a good look at the care tips for your indoor plants – watering first!

Water your Indoor Plants

…but do not feed them water content that will not be enough to serve their needs and do not do the reverse either i.e. giving them more than the water content they need. Strike a balance in the middle – just the water content they need and that is enough. It is important to keep in mind that some plants can survive longer periods of time before the next water intake but others die if the period between watering is too long. Then, there are those plants that need to use up all the water content you have fed them before they necessarily need more.

Brooklyn House Plants

Encourage Photosynthesis

…by providing the right amount of light because once you do this, despite your plants being indoors, they will chemically produce the food they need from water and carbon dioxide.

Watch those Pests

…because they are usually hungry and your indoor plants are edibles for them. So they attack them when they can and if you let them. Do not let them. Cover your plants with insecticidal soap and neem oil; these two anti-pest products are ample to prevent those pests from feeding on your plants.

Shear them

Shear them, like a low cut to a hair by a hairdresser but be careful not to cut off over one-quarter of your plant’s native greenery.

Indoor Plants need New Homes

…just like humans living in houses; your indoor plants live in their homes too aka pots and other containers. They need to move houses from time to time especially if their roots are getting stronger and no longer comfortable at the bottom of the pot/container, if dryness in the soil becomes consistent or if minerals have begun aggregating on the top of the soil. These are conditionalities (“ifs”) so even if they do not occur, still move your indoor plants after a while and ensure their new homes have holes to enable them to breathe – also choose a soil mix that will help them thrive.

Enrich them

…with the exact temperature they need for sufficient growth and provide the needed portion of recommended nutrients (fertilizers) for sustainable growth.

Are you concerned about your indoor plants getting the right amount of care but do not know how to proceed – or do these tips seem like a lot? Dragonetti Florist & Garden Center is here to professionally take care of this for you. Reach us today on 718-241-3172 and 1875 Ralph Ave. Brooklyn, NY 11234.

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