Light Up Your Life with Sunflowers!

If there is one flower that says summer to us, it is the sunflower. Sunflowers bring a little bit of summer fun indoors. If you have never thought about incorporating sunflowers into your home, we have some tips.

Why Sunflowers?

While the sunflower looks like one large flower, it is actually a series of little flowers bunched closely together. The sunflower is a lovely unique design that makes any bouquet stand out beautifully, and it lends itself to many different kinds of floral arrangements. Sunflowers also come in different colors, including orange, red-orange, tan and white, for a truly unique statement.

Sunflowers in Brooklyndragon

How to Arrange Sunflowers

You can use sunflowers in floral arrangements in many different ways. You may want to use a single large sunflower in a vase all alone. Sunflowers are majestic enough to stand on their own. If you want to do a larger vase, you could group 3 or 5 sunflowers together. Because of their large blooms, sunflowers should be grouped in odd numbers. Also, we love the look of an arrangement of sunflowers and rich greenery, which complements the rich yellow color that sunflowers have.

If you want additional color in your arrangement besides the sunflower, you may want to use small blue or purple flowers, such as coneflower, statis, liatris, or delphiniums. These beautiful blues and purples make the yellow of the sunflower stand out. You may also want to contrast the look of the sunflower with different shapes of flowers, such as hydrangeas or roses, which look very different than the large sunflower head but can add a lovely contrast to your arrangement.

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