The Meanings of Funeral and Sympathy Flowers

When you lose a loved one, it is tradition to give flowers to the family for the funeral. Funeral flowers are a way of expressing your sympathy and honoring the life of the person who was lost. If you would like to learn more about the meaning of funeral and sympathy flowers, keep reading.

Sympathy Flowers in Brooklyn

One of the most popular types of sympathy flowers are lilies. Lilies are beautiful, elegant, and a symbol of rebirth and radiance. Lilies are popular flowers during Easter because they symbolize Christ’s rebirth, and their meaning can be extended for funeral purposes.

Another traditional funeral flower is the rose. Roses come in a wide range of colors. No matter which color you pick, the rose is a symbol of love. Red and pink roses can symbolize the loss of a romantic partner, while yellow or orange roses can symbolize the loss of a friend. Violet, purpose, maroon, and burgundy roses can express thankfulness and gratitude for a person who has passed on.

Many funeral or sympathy arrangements include carnations. Carnations are similar to roses because they can come in countless colors. Red carnations show deep love and affection, while pastel carnations symbolize innocence and rebirth.

Funeral arrangements usually include accent flowers, such as the hydrangea. Hydrangeas are available in either white, blue, or pink. They symbolize heartfelt emotions and are an excellent choice for a sympathy flower.

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