Fragrant Flowers You Will Love

There is nothing like the smell of fresh cut florals to brighten anyone’s day. Who wouldn’t love to walk into a room that smells like roses or freesia? If you are looking for some fragrant flowers to add to your next floral arrangement, here are some suggestions.

Adding Fragrant Flowers

Brooklyn Florals

If you are looking for a strong floral presence for your arrangement, hyacinths are a good choice. They have a sweet, strong smell that will last for days. Hyacinths are clusters of small florals that can really amp up a big floral display. They come in white, a variety of pinks, blues and purples. While many people think of hyacinths only in the spring, they are a nice addition to a late summer bouquet.

You can also add freesia to the late summer bouquet of florals. Many people use freesia in tropical, bold arrangements, because they come in pinks, oranges, corals and white. Freesias have a sweet, fruity smell that is perfect for late summer. You may have noticed freesia in some of the bridal bouquets during the summer before, because it is a delicate, beautiful addition to large or small bouquets.

If we had to pick our favorite fragrant flower, it would be the rose. After all, Shakespeare said, “a rose by any other name would not smell as sweet.” Roses come in nearly every color imaginable, and their unmistakable scent speaks of romance and luxury. More than any other flower, roses evoke emotion in people who are remembering bouquets from years past. There are rose fragrances that can last for days. You should think about adding roses to the next bouquet you prepare for your home.

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