Make Your Mood Brighter with These Houseplants!

Winter in New York can mean all kinds of bleakness with ice and snow and weeks of freezing cold weather. If you are thoroughly sick of the gray weather outside, why not bring a bit of the spring inside with some houseplants? Here are some of our suggestions for winter houseplants to brighten up your decor.

What Plants Can Brighten Up My Winter Home

orchids at dragonetti in brooklyn

If you are hating the dreariness of winter, you may want to brighten up your home with tropical plants. Tropical plants love a winter home, because it is warm and toasty. Plus, a tropical plant’s bright colors are a welcome sight in any home. You could choose from bamboo, peace lilies, corn plants, and orchids.

People who aren’t great at taking care of plants may want to look at succulents as a way of introducing greenery into your house. You can have greenery in your home without worrying about taking care of the plants or watering them. You can choose from bromeliads, aloe plants, and snake plants for a variety of greenery options.

You may want to think about planting bulb plants to sprout in your home rather than your yard. You can raise bulb plants for color in your home. Examples of bulb plants would be plants like tulips, daffodils, amaryllis, hyacinth, and iris. Not only will these plants bring spring to your home, but they also are easy to care for.

Not only do plants add beauty to your home, but they also take carbon dioxide and other impurities out of the air, and they are also good for your mental health. Do yourself a favor and buy some house plants today!

When you are ready to add some house plants to your winter home, you can come on by and pick out some plants today at Dragonetti Florist & Garden Center, located at 1875 Ralph Avenue in Brooklyn. You can also give us a call at 718-241-3172.