National Flower Day & Plant-A-Flower Day

Everything’s coming up roses! That’s right…National Plant-a-Flower Day is honored on March 12th and National Flower Day is observed on March 21st.These two events celebrate the expectation of milder temperatures on the horizon. Planting flowers is a wonderful way to welcome the upcoming warmer weather. Dragonetti Florist & Garden Center is ready to help you get started “digging in.”

Flowers at Dragonetti Florist & Garden Center

Enjoy basking in the great outdoors while planting flowers on National Plant-a-Flower Day. With so many kinds of gorgeous flowers available, your selection is seemingly endless. Your flower garden is unique to you, and that’s what makes the project so special and rewarding. You may want to plant flowers together with your significant other as a symbol of your relationship. It is important to be certain to plant flowers that blossom and thrive in your environment; therefore, it is vital that you find out which flowers are best suited for your particular location.

On National Flower Day, there is no more appropriate way of brightening someone special’s eyes than with a lovely bouquet of fresh flowers. Flowers are not solely uplifting, but also good for the environment. Floral arrangements, from grounded in gardens to carefully positioned in vases, are certainly well-established pastimes over the centuries. Fun fact: There are more than 400,000 varieties of flowers in the world.

Why not bring a little bit of the outdoors inside. Besides from flowers that are permanently planted outside, there are indoor flowering plants, too. Add a cheery component to your home by decorating your kitchen, living room, or any other room(s) with attractive indoor flowers.

Dragonetti Florist & Garden Center is a well-established company that specializes in all indoor and outdoor gardening needs. We pride ourselves on our expertise, wide selection of inventory, and personable staff. Our expansive garden center is conveniently located at 1875 Ralph Avenue in Brooklyn. We are open year-round and may be contacted at 718-241-3172. It is our pleasure to serve you.