A Guide to Keeping Your Flowers Fresh

With spring and Easter just around the corner, Mother’s Day isn’t too far behind. All of these holidays and occasions call for a bouquet of fresh flowers. Once the flowers are delivered, or once you receive a lovely bouquet–what happens next? You will want to keep your flowers fresh for as long as possible. Here is our go-to guide for keeping flowers fresh for as long as possible.

Fresh Flower Guide

Guide to Keeping Your Flowers Fresh

When you first receive a bouquet, you will want to get out a clean vase to put the flowers in. The vase should hold the flowers nicely, but not smash them or let them splay too much. Before putting the flowers in the vase, make a new, fresh cut on the bottom of the stem. You do not know how long those flowers were sitting out, getting dry. If you want the flowers to be able to drink up their food and water, a new cut is necessary. Ideally, you want to cut the stems at an angle every couple of days to keep that flower fresh as long as possible.

Next, you want to take off any leaves that would be sitting in the water or are unhealthy looking. If your flower spends its energy trying to revive a dying leaf, it will not look its best for as long. From there, you want to fill the vase with water that has been thoroughly mixed with the food the florist likely sent with the bouquet. The temperature of the water should be similar to the room, as being too hot or cold can damage the flowers.

From there, you want to display your flowers. They should not be in a windy area that is too hot or too cold. Ideally, you want them out of direct sunlight, too, since that will speed up wilting. You could add a slight teaspoon of sugar to boost the water, if you want to give your flowers a quick pick-me-up.

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