The Safest Plants for Your Cats and Dogs

Having a pet like a cat or dog can be a great experience. It’s often a bonding experience like no other and they can be a great addition to an already thriving household. But there are other additions that spruce a home and make it feel livelier that can also be harmful to those little family members in that some don’t even realize. One of those home accessories that can be harmful to pets are actually plants. There are many, but there are also many that non-toxic for cats and dogs which you can find here at Dragonetti Florist & Garden Center in Brooklyn.

Cat and Dog

Rattlesnake Plant

Rattlesnake plants are not only safe for cats and dogs but they also look great in any home. With their low maintenance growth, these plants resemble a palm tree in Florida while remaining about a foot in size. They’re best displayed in a pot with moist soil and do well in cooler climates but not too cool. About sixty degrees is the sweet spot.

Spider Plant

The Spider Plant, a popular choice among customers at Dragonetti Florist & Garden Center is one of those plants that look great in any setting. They are non-toxic for cats and dogs and can usually be found hanging in a pot from the ceiling or overflowing from a pot on a bookcase. This stringy plant looks a lot like a head of hair and excites the space that its set in. The awesome thing about Spider Plants is not only it’s non-toxic nature but also the fact that they are highly durable plants that don’t need to be babied. They’re perfect for the plant owner that wants something low-maintenance while also looking beautiful in the home.

Parlor Palm

Last but certainly not least on our pet-friendly plants list is the Parlor Palm. This plant is very universal in aesthetic and is great for any room in the house. A good thing to note about the parlor plant is that they thrive off sunlight. But other than that, some good humidity and a watering every two weeks should keep this plant happy.

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