10″ Gardenia Bush


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Gardenia is one of the most fragrant plants around: Smell this flowering shrub once and you’re likely to remember it forever! Happily, gardenia is good for both its fragrance and good looks; it has single or double pure-white blooms that often mature to a rich golden-yellow color as they age. The white flowers are a beautiful accent to the shrub’s shiny dark green evergreen foliage.

Gardenia is a favorite in containers everywhere, and also as a landscape shrub in partially shaded beds and borders in the South. While Northern gardeners can bring these beauties indoors for winter, they can be finicky houseplants and drop their leaves when they’re not happy.


Outside: Part sun
Outside: Shade

Water: Moist, well-drained soil
Colors: White
Special Features: Fragrant flowers/foliage